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Chrome Plating Kit An Easy Fix for Chrome Junkies

Chrome plating Kit is the best gift possible for those who love to shine up the old wheels of their rides or for those who decorate their homes with faux chrome. The process involved is basically electroplating. It's an electrochemical reaction which causes a fine metallic coating to form on an object. Electroplating has important uses in the automotive industry for chrome plating, and in the electronics industry for optics and sensors. In this process a negative charge is placed on the object that will be coated. The object is then immersed in a salt solution of the metal that will be used to plate the object.. Then the metallic ions of the salt are positively charged and are so attracted to the negatively charged object.

Once they connect, the positively charged ions revert back to their metallic form again and a newly electroplated object is formed. Controlling the thickness of the electroplated object is normally done by altering the amount of time the object spends in the salt solution. The more time it remains inside the bath, the thicker the electroplated shell becomes. Before electroplating an object, it must be cleaned thoroughly and all blemishes and scratches should be polished.

No special knowledge is needed to chrome plate an object. All you need to do is buy a chrome plating kit and get started by following simple instructions. You can do plating as well as electroforming.With certain plating machines you can not only run a plating tank, but also do brush, and pen plating. Thus you can plate jewelry, automotive items, guns, faucets and anything that is made of metal and even items that are non metallic. To get an idea of how much it costs to chrome plate items you can compare it to the fact that an average piece of jewelry will cost about 25 cents and take about 3 minutes. With a good chrome plating kit and a little experience you can plate an average car in about an hour. Besides cars and jewelry you can also chrome plate faucets and bathroom fixtures for that sophisticated snazzy look in your home.

However there is a little problem with chrome plating in a tank as in a lot of states today Chrome plating in a tank is illegal due to the EPA restrictions. This is because of the waste water that is generated and they assume no one will pay to have it hauled away properly. Also tank chrome plating releases acid fumes into the air. But the relative advantage of brush plating chrome is that in a brush plating set-up you can work with lower powered rectifiers and much less chemicals then in a tank plating set-up. Thus once you read up on all the pre requisites of chrome plating all you need to do is go out and buy a chrome plating kit

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