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Chrome Rim Ė the most popular way to change your cars image

Chrome rim is basically a wheel, most often put on cars although it is also made for other vehicles such as motorcycles. Today, chrome rims are very popular. Some people are opting for this option at their dealership. Some others are choosing it as a way to add a sparkle to their old cars. Either way a huge number of people are adding chrome rims to their vehicles. A majority of cars have attached hubcaps or aluminum wheels. Generally hubcaps are attached in cheaper cars while aluminum is the more expensive option. However aluminium does add an extra zing to the sophistication of the car. However it is the chrome rim which is the most expensive of all three options.

These highly polished wheels are plated with a chrome mirror finish. This expensive option is definitely worth it for it makes the wheels shine in sunlight or streetlight. Chrome rims however aren't cheap as I have mentioned earlier. All that shine costs between $200-$500 for each wheel and can go as high as several thousand dollars each. Not to forget that you have to multiply those figures by four to calculate the price of a full set of wheels. All that chrome rim definitely isnít for the faint hearted. Also you have to be extremely careful when you drive your wheels in the snow as the snow and salted roads will destroy the chrome finish causing pitting in the slots sometimes.

However chrome rims arenít the only uses of the parent element chromium. Chromium is used in metallurgy, to impart corrosion resistance and a shiny finish which it includes itís use as an alloy constituent, such as in stainless steel in cutlery, in chrome plating, in anodized aluminium literally turning the surface of aluminium into ruby. It is also used as dyes and paints. Chromium(III) oxide is a metal polish known as green rouge. Chromium salts color glass an emerald green. Chromium is what makes a ruby red, and therefore is used in producing synthetic rubies. It is used as a catalyst. Chromite is also used to make molds for the firing of bricks. Chromium salts are used in leather tanning. Potassium dichromate is a chemical reagent, used in cleaning laboratory glassware and as a titrating agent. It is also used as a mordant (i.e., a fixing agent) for dyes in fabric. Chromium(VI) oxide (CrO3) is used to manufacture magnetic tape, where its higher coercivity than iron oxide tapes gives better performance. It is also used in well drilling muds as an anti-corrosive.

When picking chrome rims for your vehicle, be careful about what noting the lug pattern of your particular automobile, the size of the rims, and the width. These measurements vary from car to car. So next time weigh your options carefully before you opt for an expensive chrome rim.

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