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Motorcycle Chrome Plating Ė The best way to customize your bike

Motorcycle chrome platingis the hottest thing right now. Especially with all that biker attitude people are willing to spend thousands of dollars on customizing their bikes. Chrome is one of the most expensive options for customizing your bike. You can either plate your entire bike in shiny chrome or just customize the wheels and the rims. However these highly polished wheels with a chrome mirror finish though an expensive option are definitely worth it for the snazzy shine in sunlight or streetlight. Chrome rims however aren't cheap as I have mentioned earlier. All that shine costs between $200-$500 for each wheel and can go as high as several thousand dollars each. Not to forget that you have to multiply those figures by two to calculate the price of a couple of wheels. All that chrome definitely isnít for the faint hearted. Also you have to be extremely careful while driving your vehicle in the snow as the snow and salted roads will destroy the chrome finish causing pitting in the slots sometimes.

Most chrome wheel plating goes through a seven step process. The wheels are stripped of clear coat, dirt and paint; the surface of the wheel is polished to remove any defects, copper layer is added and this layer is then buffed. After that to further smooth out the surface of the wheel one more layer of copper is added. On top of this layer of copper a nickel layer is added. Finally the coat of chromium is added. This final touch of chromium gives the wheel a brilliant shine.

However the wheels arenít the only part of the bike that people get customized. A number of Cruisers and Choppers (kinds of bikes) particularly Harleys -- are the motorcycles most often customized. Many owners invest over US$30,000 for things right from eye-blinding chrome to custom engines and airbrush paint jobs. And you donít necessarily have to shell out all that cash to your metallizer cum mechanics for that chrome beauty. Now you can even do it in your own backyard. All you need to do is buy yourself a chrome plating do it yourself kit and get started. If you follow the instructions carefully you can have that chrome finish on your entire bike in just about an hour!

Chrome plating your bike is the ultimate addition to itís image. You can opt for motorcycle chrome plating either by the brush plating method or the tank plating method. However there are some EPA restrictions on the tank plating method so be sure to check up on them before you start. Brush plating however is permitted without any restraints. Once you get started chrome plating will seem like a breeze. Who knows, maybe you and your friends can start a mobile business of motorcycle chrome plating.

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