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Plastic Chrome Plating The Best Way to Achieve that Shine

Plastic Chrome platingis a process wherein plastic articles are coated with one or more layers of chrome to give them a bright shiny finish or to make them more resistant than plastic. Chrome plating is a finishing treatment. It utilizes the electrolytic deposition of chromium. Commonly chrome plating consists of coating with a thin, decorative bright chrome, which is typically a 10 micrometer layer over an underlying nickel plate. Such a process gives a mirror-like finish to items such as metal furniture frames and automotive trim. Thicker deposits, up to 1000 micrometers are called hard chrome. Such thick deposits are used in industrial equipment to reduce friction and wear. They are also used to restore the dimensions of equipment that has experienced wear.

There are several plastic chrome plating methods. In one method, a solid surface is covered with a metal sheet and then plated by heating. Some other techniques include vapor deposition under vacuum, sputtering, and methods using vacuum conditions or gas. However, nowadays only plating techniques using a liquid are referred to as the "plating" process. Metallizing is the term which refers to the process of coating metal on non-metallic objects. In metallizing,a base lacquer coating is placed on the components which then undergo a stoving process. The components are then placed inside a Vacuum Chamber. When in the vacuum chamber an electric charge is passed through tungsten filaments containing pure aluminium, which vaporizes and coats the rotating work. Finally, a protective coating of clear Top Lacquer is sprayed on. This creates two lacquer layers in between which the object to be coated is ensconced. The lacquer is colored to provide a vast range of beautiful metallic finishes. The top lacquer can also be resistant to various chemicals.

Plastic chrome plating is the best way to get light decorative articles to get a metallic luster. You can tell the metallizers exactly what shade and what consistency the plating should be to make it exactly according to your particular requirements. Plastic chrome plating is used for a number or articles such as sunglasses, kitchen appliances like coffee mugs, office supplies like staple removers, plumbing supplies, car speakers and subwoofers, furniture like art deco chairs for a modern look, sports and outdoor gear, tools and hardware, home furnishings.

The two types of chromium plating: industrial and decorative. Industrial chromium plating is also referred to as Hard Chrome or Engineered Chrome. Hexavalent chromium baths whose main ingredient is chromic anhydride and Trivalent chromium baths whose main ingredient is chromium sulfate or chromium chloride are the two main plating solutions.Trivalent chromium baths are not common, due to restrictions concerning color, brittleness, and plating thickness. You can also learn plastic chrome plating through kits provided for doing it yourself. Thus, if you are looking to make your old plastic ware metallic turn to plastic chrome plating.

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